My own LaTeX CV class

After some time, I have redesigned my LaTeX CV, and made it available as a class.

It is now available at github: viccuad-cv


My previous CV was based in Adrien Afriggeri's work. The new one, while based on Adrien's aesthetics, is a complete overhaul.

Adrien's work is quite good, but because of the use of TikZ it has some problems. If you add/substract too much context, the layout goes bananas. Or if you select the text for copying it, you obtain a mixed mash of it (it's not serializable).

When I realized about those problems, I couldn't believe I was in need to ditch LaTeX!

So I started searching for ways of doing it, and eventually, I found it. The Flowfram package. Flowfram enables you to create frames in a LaTeX document, and make a layout as intrincate as you please. Thanks to Flowfram, you have correct serialization of text, and also automatic flow of it: text flow follows the given frames, and spans to additional pages if necessary.

I've remade my previous CV with Flowfram, updated the custom \entrylistdated and \entrylist environments for them to work with whatever frame width, and added an automatic \pdfcreationdate population in XeLaTeX (there is no way to get current modification date inside XeLaTeX, this fixes it. First seen on stackoverflow). In the .tex you can see a little summary of Flowfram, to make it easier to tinker.

So, there it is, for you to use and enjoy! Please fork it ;)

Víctor Cuadrado Juan

I'm Víctor Cuadrado Juan, a developer and FOSS enthusiast, in love with Linux. Currently living in Nürnberg, Germany. Feel free to waste your precious time around here, or to contact me.