Ultimate tetris Gtetrinet

I have just discovered Gtetrinet from this post on my Debian Developers rss feed, and it’s fucking awesome!

As Steve Kemp explains it on his blog post, tetrinet is a multiplayer tetris, up to 6 players. Each player has a it’s own tetris field (numbered from 1 to 6), and when you clear lines, those get send to other players (and the same for you!). It also has special blocks that you capture when you break the line they are contained it. You earn those blocks, which get stored in a queue. When you use them they are capable of, for example, adding a new line, or destroying one, or making random holes, or nuking everything, etc. So they are bad and good. To fire a special block at the player in field 1 you press “1”. To fire the special block to the player in field 6 press “6”. Therefore you have to be careful to don’t missfire on yourself!

To play, just open gtetrinet and connect to the server of your liking (e.g.: tetrinet.debian.net). Then press play!

Víctor Cuadrado Juan

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