Make your own Blog in a brief

As made by Jens Hoffman in his blog, here is a tl;dr version of how to make your own blog on debian 7.0:

  • enjoy having ruby installed by default
  • sudo apt-get install ruby-dev (to make gem work)
  • sudo gem install jekyll (install jekyll)
  • Optional: gem install rdiscount (an alternative C-based markdown interpreter)
  • Either start with a vanilla template and get blogging: jekyll new myblog (remember this is about content, not pretty looks)
  • Or, look around a bit for other blogs/templates, fork them if allowed, then get blogging (what I did with Jens Hoffman's blog, which is based on Zach Holman's left template)
  • You can review your work typing jekyll serve --watch and going to https://localhost:4000/
  • Stuff it in a github repository named \[yourname\]
  • ???
  • Profit!

Now is also a great time to read a bit about Github Pages and the excellent Jekyll Documentation.

Víctor Cuadrado Juan

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